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Regardless of the size of your business, there’s no disputing Customer Experience is a major factor in your long term success! This membership is available to any company or business with under 250 staff.

Included in this yearly corporate membership, you will receive all the following benefits:

* Printed Membership certificate 

* 10% discount on any in-person CX ASEAN training programs

* Complimentary Customer experience related job postings for your business on our CX ASEAN job board

* 2 complimentary Professional Individual Memberships

* 1 complimentary award submission in the prestigious annual CX ASEAN awards 

* Discounted advertising/sponsorship opportunities for your business in our monthly newsletters, website and networking events

In addition, you can also explore our other corporate services including our tailored training programs & consulting services. So it’s time to join ASEAN’s dedicated CX organisation and empower your business to be a CX leader!

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