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Professional Membership is the perfect way for anyone working in the Customer Experience field to grow their professional network, expand their knowledge through training & exclusive masterclasses and develop their career within the CX field. This membership is recommended to anyone working in the CX field including Executives, Supervisors & Managers.

Included in this yearly membership, you will receive all the benefits of Student Membership plus:

* Digital and Printed membership certificate

* Exclusive CX ASEAN membership pack

* Free access to CX ASEAN's job board with Customer Experience job postings from companies all over ASEAN

* Access to our frequent networking events

* Complimentary online training and 20% off all personal in-person training sessions

* Complimentary access to one annual Masterclass and 10% discount thereafter

Whether you’re working in a strategic CX role, front line customer service or call centres you’ll find Professional Membership is a great option to support your Customer Experience journey!

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